Welcome to the “Guide” page of PocketPairings.
On this page you will learn how to download, install and use the application.


To begin, start by downloading the PocketPairings application.
To do this, go to the website: Pocketpairings.app/download/.
You will then be taken to the website below;

On this page you are given the option to download the application for the different OS; Windows, Mac with intel chip and Mac Apple Silicon.

Download for Windows

To download the application for Windows, press the “Download for Windows” button.
The application will be downloaded into your chosen folder.
Once the application is downloaded into your chosen folder, you can launch the application by double-clicking it.
In most cases, Windows will indicate that it is a suspicious file. But don’t worry; clicking on “more information” will give you the chance to run the application anyway.
After this, the application will be installed on your PC.
Then the application will open automatically!

Download for Mac OS

To download the application for Mac, press the “Download for Mac” button. The application will be downloaded to the designated folder on your Mac. Once the application is downloaded, you can launch the application by double-clicking it. In most cases, your Mac will indicate that it is a suspicious file and will not want to open it.

You will have to go to your Mac’s security options to ensure that the application can still be opened. Under the security options, you will be given the option to open the PocketPairings application anyway.

Logging into the PocketPairings application

When PocketPairings is open, you will see the screen below;

Here you will have the opportunity to enter your Email and unique API key and log in. You will receive the API key by email at the start of your participation in the PocketPairings Beta. Once entered, you then press ‘Login’. Please note; when you log into the PocketPairings application for the first time with your unique API key, this key will be linked to the device you are using. In this way, only one API key will be able to be used per League per computer. It is not possible to enter the same API key into the PocketPairings application on another PC or device.

PocketPairings Home Page

Once you have logged in with your unique API key, you will see the screen below;

On this screen, you can find the various events created through PocketPairings.
Don’t see anything listed here yet? Don’t worry; we’ll make sure an event appears right away!

Creating Events

To create an event on PocketPairings, an event must first be created in the TOM application. Once you have done this, you can click the ‘Start new event’ button in PocketPairings.
A window will open where you can select a file.
Next, navigate to your TOM folder where your created events will be stored.
Next, select the .tdf file of your event (this is the same file that would be uploaded to Pokemon.com when registering the event).
Once you have selected it you will be returned to the PocketPairings home page with the notification below saying “Event created successfully!”;

Congratulations!!! You have created your first event!

Managing events

When your event is created, you can find it in the overview on the homepage. For each event that is created, you can see the name of the event, the type of event (for example, cup or challenge), the date of when the event takes place, the number of players who are registered and participating in the event, and which round the event is currently in. There is also an option to delete events if you no longer need them. At the end of each event, you will also find “Actions” or a number of actions that you can use to work with the event.

Action “Site”

If you press the “Site” button, you will be redirected to the page of your event in your web browser. There you can see the pairings of your event and the corresponding round. The more rounds are added, the more rounds you can click to view them (Round 1, Round 2 and so on).

If you press the standings button, you can view the players’ standings. The standings are also updated after each round.
In PocketPairings, a distinction is also made each time between Masters, Seniors and Juniors – just like in the TOM application.

Finally, you have the ability to track players who participate in your event if you enter the player’s PlayerID in the search bar.

Action “QR-code”

Once back on the homepage, you can also press “QR code” at the event. By doing this, you will immediately get the option to print the unique QR code of your event.
This is the QR code used by the players to access the pairings of the different rounds via their smartphones. All the players have to do is scan the QR code!
You obviously have the option to print the QR code on paper and hang it up somewhere, or print it as a .pdf file and then display it on a digital screen in the shop.

Action “Sync”

This action ensures that the event and rounds within the TOM application are synchronized with the PocketPairings application and then pushed to your event website.
It is best to do this after finishing each lap within the TOM application. If you are using a PocketPairings Premium account, there will be no need to press this button as the synchronization will be automatic.